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Harriet Finch

I Founded Beadie Productions shortly after receiving my BA in Media Production, having a background in film and television and few years experience I wanted to make use of my passion and training, while still keeping my creative head. I've since been building my video and photography business, while Producing Live broadcasted Shows and creative content for TV and Social Media.



For as long as I can remember I have had a camera in my hands, So it has been of no surprise to anyone that I decided to develop my photography skills in a more professional manner. Even when I was studying film I walked around with a camera capturing the day to day events of a film student.

I love “natural”  photography and looking at details. This works especially well with events and headshots and has helped me create some truly stunning photos.

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I adore storytelling and creating new things visually. Cinematography has greatly influenced me over the years and this is shown throughout my work. I love the power of editing and how it is used to tell different stories while using the same footage. This is especially useful when it comes to editing wedding footage into a beautiful romantic memory.

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Beadie Productions has partnered up with Beetle Videography to create a more complete, higher quality and Eco-friendly experience. Beetle Videography is founded by Rebecca Head, a talented Cinematographer and freelance Camera Operator, who is passionate about eco-friendly filmmaking.

Whether you are in need of a videographer for your wedding, to create some corporate videos or to film your event, please do get in touch to discuss your project and how Beetle Videography can best help you.

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