Booking a Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jan 25

Booking a Wedding Photographer is one of the most important decision you make for your wedding. Why? Because this is how you will look back and remember your big day in the years to come.

I have come up with a list of thing you need to be aware of or consider when booking your photographer. They should help make to process a little smoother. At the very least, you should now what to expect.


Just like everything else to do with your wedding you need to decide on your budget. Most photographer will take a deposit and then let you pay the remaining amount up to four weeks before the wedding or offer a payment plan. And this is for one simple reason. This service isn't cheap, and rightly so. What you see of your Photographer, does not cover even half of the work they do and put in to preseving your memories. The Planning, the Prep and sometimes even the Purchesing that takes place before you've been told of their arrival. Then there are the weeks of late nights infront of a computer making sure everything looks just right. Keep in mind, time is money. The hours spent on your photos are hour not working on other things. And don't forget we Photographers also need to eat and pay taxes. Note: If you want a Videographer aswell, you should consider this in your budget. 40p per mile is also the standard travel rate. (Jan, 2020)

Engagment Session Engagment session are brilliant and serve mulitple purposes. It is a great chance to get a feel of how your photographer works and to become accustomed to being photographed and is often used as another consultation. Depending on when your session takes place, the Photos are great for your wedding invitations. Some Photographers may include this in some of their packages, while others offer this separetly. It's is a good idea to also concider this in your budget.

What is being Captured

Every wedding is as different as the couples. I imagine every Photographer is more than happy the give you advice but it helps everyone out to know what it is you want photographed and give everyone a clear understanding right from the start.

Looking at other peoples photos can helps you figure out what style you like and what you want taken. It is always a good idea to have a peek at any potenial Photographers websites, this will give you a better understanding of their style, skill and if they suit your needs. Also be conscious of the number of hours you want to hire your photographer for. This time will likely still include travel between your locations and start from the moment your photographer arrives at the first. It also helps everyone if you have a schedule prepared for your day.


When you hire a photographer for your wedding the chances are, you will need to also provide a meal for them. This is because if you are employing someone for more than five hours, they are eligible for a break. This can be done in a number of ways and is alway best to discuss this with your photographer before hand. Some are happy to sit outside in the bar away from the guest, others find it easier if they have a reserved seat at a table in your reception. Personally I'm happy to do what is easiest for the couple as long I am Fed and someone always keeps me informed of what is meant to be happening next, so I know if my camera is needed.


When hiring your wedding photographer, your contract is a crucial part. If your Photographer doesn't give you one to sign please insist they draw up a contract for you. The Contract is there to protect you BOTH. In the unlikely case that there are any issues, the contract is there to back up your argument and protect you. Another thing that makes the contract so important is Clarity. It should outline exactly what it is you are hiring your photographer for, from hours hired and price to editing time.The contract should also include The Photographers Terms and conditions.

Editing The wait for your Photos is often filled with a strong mixture of excitment and nervious energy. It's not everyday that you hire a professional photographer and you want to see your wedding photos after all! Please be paitant. I can almost garentee that your photographer is working day and night to get your photos perfect for you. The chances are you have already been told a rough time of when you will recieve them. Communication is great but this is a time where your photographer needs to focus, alot of work and skill is being put into your photos. Most Photographers will send you a couple of teaser photos within the first week of editing, This is your chance to give any feedback before editing is done. Again be Paitant, please don't keep asking for updates and if they are done, unless it has gone past your deadline without an up date. How you recieve your wedding photos should have already been discussed and agreed upon with your photographer. Belive it or not this is just a brief list of things to help you prepare for your photographer search. If you have any questions you which for me to answer and include please comment below and I will do my best.

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