A Year On...

When you've been doing something for awhile, even when its not what you want to do, it can be hard to let go.

My Last week working in the shop was a strange one. I had the aweful feeling of there not being enough time, but wishing it was done already.

I met, trained and worked with a lot of people, most of them I enjoyed working with and will keep many fond memories close to my heart, some have even become friends I tend to keep for life. On the 12th January 2019, I closed up shop for the last time and threw myself into the creative world.

One Year on... I'm a Producer on a Live Television Show, where I love my job and get to meet interesting people everyday. I'm also working hard to build up my Beadie production business and it is incredibly rewarding to watch it grow and see my efforts pay off. 2019 was in really big year for me and I can only hope and Plan that 2020 will be even bigger. The support I've had through out this year has been so heart warming and kept me focus on not giving up. There are a few people I need to thank: My siblings- Chantelle, Daniel and Sian, for always sharing my work, Listening to me rant on my bad days and always helping out where they can. Mostly for respecting my work enough to pay. My Dad - For alway helping me with my equipment, heavy lifting, flyer posting and all round entertainment. My Mum - For never batting an eye at my choice of a creative life. Liam - For putting up with my makeshift Photography Sets. Spell checking my posters, Opinions, creative Ideas and all the love. 2020 What lies ahead? The plan is to keep moving forward, Grow my business and keep creating. Keep an eye out for Beadie Photography Events, Offers and Competitions. There are loads to come. I'm also working on my drawing so check out Beadie_draw on instagram. I'm often asked "wouldn't you prefer a regular job with stable money?". My answer remains to be No. Money doesn't overrule happiness. Yes there are times of stress and worry but I'm doing what I love. Here is to moving forward. Thank you for reading, Please like, share, comment!


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