The Gallery

Updated: Mar 19

Today I want to talk to you about Online Galleries. When I talk about Photography I often Mention that you will receive your images in a Online Gallery.

Similar to my website, this is a showcase of my work however, it is more for the client who book me. It gives you the opportunity to pick which photos you wish to keep, download and there is a large number of print option. Thats before I even mentions the gallery app!

Your in control. You can share them with who you like and there is never any pressure to buy prints. You can also ask for a Mobile app gallery so you can look at your gallery at any time you would like. The Gallery is created using Pixieset and for any photographer out there I 100% recommend it. it is incredibly user friendly for both client and professional. And Everything is custom to give the experience you want!

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This Post was Written by Harriet Finch


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