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It's Mine. My Own. My Precious....

Oh, How happy I am!

As of today this very big piece of my heart has become a trademark. My trademark. Beadie Productions is secure! Well at least Name wise it . There is of course a very long way to go but it is a path I have already started on and if you know me well enough you'll know that i'm far too stubborn to give up on it.

I feel motivated again and filled with excitement. I can take another step forward. It's going to be a good year!!

How To Trademark

When I first started thinking about protecting my name, I honestly had no real idea how to go about it. I knew that it would mean paperwork and some kind of registration, but where and how? What did I do? I did the same thing everyone else would do. I turned to google and discovered a shit load of sites that are annoyingly vague. I'm an anxious person at the best of times, throw in no trust, questionable payment and the fact I have no clue what I'm doing and you get a panicked, sweaty mess and no sleep. However, between the hyperventilating and paranoid thoughts I had a brain wave. GOV. uk. GOV is a UK government website that allows access to information, applications and a convenient and easy way to deal with a load of legal stuff like tax, benefits , registrations etc.

The intellectual property office do send you a letter of confirmation that comes with a warning.

screenshot of email

Another thing to understand about registering your trademark is that it takes a little while for it to be official. This is because there is a period where the IP office will analyze the trademark and give it approval,it then will go into an opposition period which to put simply gives the chance of anyone else to step for and say "Hey! That's mine!"

I wish you luck and I hope this helped.

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