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From this day hence I will tryith to not eat so much crapith and do the thing known as exercise...ith.

Excitement and pride filled me as I arrived at the promised land of subtly intimidating people. The Gym. 9:43am.

My first thoughts..."it's cold! I don't want to get out of my car."

My partner Liam and I have a deal. I'm the alarm and he makes the food. This is win win for me, I tend to wake up first and the fact I have the job of calling him at 9am (this is a night i'm not staying with him) motivates me to get up and get stuff done, AND his cooking skills challenge that of my mothers.

So 8am my alarm goes off, I can't move. It's cold and I was cozy. By 8:45am I had eaten weet-o-bix and drank a green tea, yes I was on a roll. At 9:07 I made the phone (because I was too distracted taking photos' of my tea cup) and got the i'm awake grumble down the phone .

(Me)Photograph by Harriet Finch

Task one - COMPLETE. It was at this point I decided it might be a good idea to do a blog to keep me motivated and document my work.

9:30am I get a message "I'm going back to sleep till 10"

Now this is a road I know all too well. There may never be a 10am, sleep is just too good.

Screenshot by Harriet Finch

I go on without Liam.

9:43am the golden yellow sign shines from across the carpark. Simply Gym. It motivates me to leave the car and cross the road. I'm here. I made it. I'm at the gym!

I over came the BIGGEST hurdle. I got there, slightly frozen and wary eyed but I got there. Now Simply Gym is an incredible place. Comfortably friendly; there is always someone on the front desk with a cheerful hello and farewell ready to assist you if you need help or in my case lose your keys once a week.

The facilities are great, complete with a sauna and beauty salon. They even have a women's gym if that's what you want. Me? I head to the main room up the stairs and start with the running machine. Today just so happens to be a day i've felt I've done my best for a long while, It was by no means a lot but it felt good.

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