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Finding My Thoughts

Coming up with ideas has never been something I've struggled with too much.

Laziness. Yes

Availability. Yes

Confidence. Yes

When I was a small child I would sit for hours, crafting and coming up with stories.

Once in college my fellow students had to endure me following them around with shelly the snail while I took photos of her adventures out of boredom.No im not lying.

When I'm in the right frame of mind and environment the possibilities are endless.

This Blog is the perfect example. I'm really enjoying writing but I get distracted or l LET life get in the way.

Ive always had it in my head that if a managed to spend an hour a week on being creative everything would fall into place.

The problem with this is both finding the time and remembering too.

Of couse I know that in the real world I need more than an hour a week but it would be a start to a good habit and progress would be made. It would also help me keep motivated.

So right now im trying had to find good habits and tools that help me be creative and develop ideas.

For example The Wix app.

This website is created by me using wix. It was been the most using part of my development and it allows me to be interactive with clients. The app allows me to write and update my blog on the go. Giving me very little excuse to not write.

Please feel free the send me any other suggestion that will help me stay creative, production and most importantly motivated.

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