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The Second Christmas

Easter in my family is a happier Christmas. True you dont get a pile of present and go to mass the day before but you do get a pile of chocolate and a Christmas dinner, which is arguably better.

Easter is one of my favourite times of the year. The daffodils bloom; the sun starts to shine; I dont have to wear four layers of clothing and I feel more motivated to leave to house. Most years I partake in Lent and give something up for forty days and nights, usually chocolate.

This make easter extra special to me and something to look forward too.

This year I didnt do lent, mainly because I lose track of time and have eatten three easter eggs already. Plus the fact its been snowing all year does not help.

But I won't let that stop me from feeling Eastery. If thats a word.

I shell spend my day eatting a Christmas dinner with my family and indulge myself with a trip to the cinema.

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you enjoy yourselves x

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