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Public Speaking

Pound Pound Pound

You feel your heart banging against your chest and your throat feels tight.

You prey that no one catches a glimpse of how bad your hands shake.

You say the words but its not a familiar voice. It feels harsh and dry in your throat; cracking the more you wish it would stop.

Wanting nothing more than to be done. Trying to seem normal and calm has never been so difficult.

You forget what was practiced and worse how to read, it's all blurred into one and your eyes can't focus on the letters.

Come on, come on you think. Deep breath. Almost there and what seemed like hours, results in minutes.

You sigh in relief and in the same moment everything you did wrong and could have done better is abundantly clear.


Public speaking has never been my strong suit. If i'm to be completely honest, speaking in general has never been something I was blessed with. as you can very likely guess, this does not bowed well in this profession.

I get around my public speaking issue with one of two methods.

1. Do nothing. stay quiet and avoid and kind of public speaking. 2. Show my ability in my work.

It's a close call on which is the better method... All jokes aside, these are my two options until I get over my fear. I'm currently working on getting my website to best it can be and I'm trying to improve my marketing skills.

Any Advice or tip please comment below.

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