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Zombie, Run!

In my never ending task to try and be healthier I have started running again.

In my attempt to not stray into the path of boredom I did what everyone does.

I downloaded a free app.

Anyone who knows me could tell you how much I love zombies. So I figuered id give it a shot.

I am giving Zombie,Run! 5/5.

I expected Zombie, Run! To be a pretty simply and basic running app, just with a soundtrack of zombies chasing you.

Boy was I wrong.

This app is everything it should be and so much more. It is not a running app, it is a story and it pulls you in from the moment you start and the next thing you know you're collecting items to help you servive the apocalypse and twenty minutes have gone by!

I found myself smiling when I started running and I can honestly say I haven't found anyother app that makes me run faster. The story is so intense and interactive that it felt Impossible to not get wrapped up in it.

My favourite features of this app is that all you have to do is put you headphones in, press start and get moving. There is need to pause or remotely look at your phone.

You will be told at every kilometre how you are doing and what item you have collected. you also have the option to use your own music in the app if you want.

To add another element to this app, once you have completed your mission you can build and fortify you town of survivors with the items you have collected.

I would recommend this app to everyone, running as never been so fun.

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