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Slap A Sticker On It

Marketing has never been my strong suit. But in a world where their is pretty much a form of social media for everything and a million and one ways of getting people to hear about anything, it seems a little silly to shy away from it.

I've always been a bit concerned about throwing myself and my business in to people's faces and what they may think of what I do.

The fact of the matter is that if I don't scream and shout about Beadie Productions when I have the opportunity, no one will take notice.

So here are some of the realisation and tip I have found.

write these down

You are your company.

And that is how you will both be judged and all it takes it one tiny bad feeling for you to lose a client. Always be respectful and professional with potential clients. a little goes a long way.

Be alert and active.

Don't say I'll email them later. Nothing ever happeneds later and your client will take notice. Make them feel like a priority by emailing back asap and never leave them hanging or worse forgotten.

Don't be false.

Be open and honest with your abilities and availability. That way no one is ever disappointed and more often than not they happier then they expected.

Spill the beans.

Tell Everyone you can, word of mouth is still the strongest form of advertising. Make them like, share, re-post and what ever else they can do.

Easy Access Make sure people know HOW to contact you or look at your work. None of the other tips are of any kind of use if no one can find you. so make a website, Facebook page anything you know you can use to be found. It will make yours and any future clients life easier.

You can Thank me later... I will continue to add to this post as I learn and "grow". Please feel free to add your own in the comments . Until we meet again....

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