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The search

That is right. The search is on.

I need a new job and I need one now.

I started working in retail as a way of getting my own independence. A.K.A money. I was 17 when I solidified myself as a Toys R Us kid, but there is only so much a zero hour contract could offer you and a few years later moved on to The Co-op. The first thing you realise when you work in retail is that everyone has a degree, or working towards one. Media, photography, art, music, gaming. You name it someone has it. Or at least when it comes to a creative field they do.

It's a sad story, (one I include myself in) of steady income, being comfortable and a "useless degree".

Graduation Photo... take a guess which one is me.

I have been fortunate enough to have managed some freelance work over the years, mainly in the form of Beadie Productions.

Nine times out of ten this has been off my own back. I've spent hours of sending emails; rearranging my website; making news letters and posting deals.

All of this is before I actually do any of the work I want to do. It takes time and effort. For the most part my emails get ignored; my website requires daily updates, I don't have time for and news letters often feel impersonal to make. And don't get me started on trying to find the time to write out all the blogs I have ideas for. But sometimes... I get a response and all that work paid off and I get the feeling that its all going to work out, the work is worth it.

It gets to a certain point when you realize that the only thing holding you back is yourself. It is a long possibly miserable and incredibly far away point that you build up the courage to take any real steps forward.

I have met some amazing people while working in retail, even a friend for life. But I refuse to be a lost soul. I have told my co-workers I've started searching. I've gained the courage to apply to jobs in my fields and in my field only. something that I have always been terrified to do. It has taken me a long while to get to this point and with a lot of contributions, good and bad. But I'm here and I'm waiting to see my next step. ...

Harriet Finch

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