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My Nine to Five

As you will know from previous posts I am a shop girl. One of the main obstacles with Retail is that the hours are rarely Nine to Five and Eight hours tends to be my shortest shift. This doesn't leave much time to be creative and to make it worse, by the time I get home or have a day off I'm too knackered to build up the motivation.

I've have thankfully told my management team that I will only be working my minimum hours as I wish to regain my life back. At least while my search for a new job continues I'm keeping myself active creatively. But otherwise, the setting an hour a day to be creative works only as long as you stick to it and without a set routine it can be really tricky. It takes an awful lot of motivation and determination to get started but you always feel better for it. Retail is an industry that will always have open positions and it provides an honest days work and a real wage. Everyone needs to eat and if you eat as much as I do, you'll need as much money as you can get but if your trying to make something of yourself creatively maybe stir clear of the innocent trap that is retail. The hours are long, unsociable and Retail steals Christmas from its employees. #closetheshops

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