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The Search Ends

My first Interview

Assistant Producer

Nerves do not cover the way I Felt.

Tuesday 18th December could not have come faster. I never expected to be given an interview in such a short amount of time. By the time the day of the interview arrived I was truly in panic mode. I didn't know what to wear or what I was going to be asked; I was having visions of my car breaking downing and being stuck in traffic or worse... Not knowing what to say.

The Pressure of having to get someone to like you in the space of twenty minutes is stressful. The idea of doing it is far more stressful than actually doing it. To the point that I ended up freaking myself out. The Two best bit of encouragement I was given was by my Manager and My Partner. My Manager told me that there is no real pressure on me because I already have a job. That in the interview I have all the power and that if I don't like the interview, I CAN leave at any point. it would be no lose for me. My Partner very simply told me that I have nothing to worry about. In fact he very much acted as if I had already got the job. He had the upmost faith in me or at least he didn't show any doubt. More so than anything he was happy for me. In the end I just decided to go for it. People Like me I could do it! I have the experience! I CAN do this job!

Even If I did fail. I got an interview in the first place. which means I'd get another. I had it all planned. I'd write all of my misfortunes in my blog in the hope of learning from them and possibly help anyone reading. They'd be call The Interview Chronicles.

The Interview It took me Forty minutes to drive there and another Twenty to walk inside. I had my trusty book of questions at the ready, for the dreaded moment of "So, Do you have any questions?" and I had on my smart pencil skirt and jacket (reserved for interviews and funerals) that I had spent half the night before hunting.

Once I was greeted at the door I was taken into a room with loads of computers and people chatting away and working. All very friendly and smiley faced. They were joking about trying to act normal in front of the person going to be interviewed. I suddenly didn't feel nervous anymore. These are just people and people aren't perfect. I could breathe. If these are the people I would be working with Imagine I would be happy. It turned out that, that room was just the reception and all those friendly faces were not the main team of people I would be working with. I learnt this when I was walked into the studio. I fall in love. There in front of me. Cameras, lights and a small set big enough for a live show. It was all the welcome I needed. This is what I had worked hard for. A Real TV Job. Up until that moment I don't think that detail had really sunk in. Live TV.

I was interviewed by two very beautiful women, Who describe the job in great detail, I was told about the people I'd be working with, what to expect. By the time I had heard everything most of my questions had been answered, A fact I pointed out before asking the rest of them.

I had a strange sense of longing while leaving, while at the same time thinking there should have been more too it. it hadn't been hard or scary. it was comfortable. And not at all what I expected. I would be told weather or not I got the job the next. Mainly I just tried to ignore my phone and not check my emails, to the point that I almost forgot and had convinced myself I didn't get it.

I am now the new Assistant Producer at Cellcast TV.

I never would have done it without my Partner and his encouragement until the day before my interview he was one of very few people who even knew I had been applying never-mind being given an interview. Even when I all but gave up he supported me and told me I could do it. My Last shift in the COOP is the 12th of January 2019 and I pray to God that I never have to work in retail again. No more angry complaints; no more cleaning up pee and sick; no more selling membership cards and no more deliveries. I'm counting the days. AND I can finally tell people that I'm using my Degree! (There is hope in the world!) Psychic Today here we go. SKY 886

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