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Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's day!

That's right today is the day of Roses, chocolates and proposals!

For All those lucky in love and recently Engaged, I have an Offer for You!

For anyone who voted on the recent poll on the Beadie Productions Facebook Page Thank you very much. Your voices have been heard.

For those who don't know I asked what people preferred on their wedding day.

Photography or Videography.

The winner became clear pretty quickly.

So I do declare ....AN OFFER!!

Photography by Beadie Productions

Photography by Beadie Productions

Wedding Photography For £400!

That is correct £400

This includes:

Engagement Photography

This can take place on location. This could be anywhere photogenic maybe somewhere special to the lucky couple


Getting ready to say your vows is incredibly exciting. It is also very special. Capture these moments forever and the day starts with hair and make-up and time with your bridesmaids.

Traditional Wedding Photographs

The clue is in the name. This is where the wedding party and Family are taken aside and we take those classic wedding photos.

Natural Photographs

This is what I like to call "in the moment" Photography. Catching genuine moments. These are often a favourite and can be both beautiful and funny.

Detailed Shot

This is the capture the small details of your big day. Flowers, The cake, table settings, small details of the dress. All the things that will remind you of your big day.

All you need to secure the booking is a 20% deposit. Look at the Ts & Cs for more detail.

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