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Beadie Photography

Beadie Productions is now offering Mini Photography Sessions! Mini Photoshoots are a great way to get beautiful and professional Photos in a short amount of time for a fractions of the price of a Normal photoshoot.

To Mark the start of this service I have organised an event. A fun day of Kids and Sibling Photography! and more importantly CAKE and BALLOONS!!

I have hired a room in my local community centre and I will be setting up my studio for the day.

Half an Hour slots are available for Parents for book. Booking To Book simply click on the above title of go to: A Non-refundable Deposit of £5.00 is needed to secure a time slot. the remaining £15 is to be paid on the day in cash.

If you wish for the photoshoot to include multiple children this is more than welcome but you will still only receive 3-5 photos. I will try to shoot a fair mix of everyone and individual children. it is then down to the parent to choose which photos they wish to be retouched. If you wish to book more than one slot I recommend trying to book them together.

As Promised there is going to be cupcakes and Balloons! Closer to the Event I will request to know how many children are being brought to each slot, so I can ensure one for each child. I recommend a MAXIMUM of four children Per Time Slot. This is because we only have half an hour and you will only receive 3-5 photos. Please send me an Email if your child has any allergies that may be in the cupcakes and I will try my best to accommodate.


The end result will be 3-5 professional photos Which will be free to download using Pixieset. On this site you will all so have the option to purchase Prints. There is a Delivery Fee of £5.00 as they are delivered straight from a professional Photography Printing Lab.

Using Pixieset you also have the option of having your own personal app to view and order from your gallery.

If you have any questions Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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