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Abi And The Bluebells

In April I was fortunate enough to work with a wonderful young lady, who was refreshingly not camera shy.

In my village, that was ONCE blessed enough to be surrounded by beautiful open fields and forest. Spring had finally arrived and the flowers were starting to bloom.

It was the perfect setting for my first spring shoot of the year.

I couldn't miss this opportunity, so I asked my friend who would be visiting if I could steal her away for a day. 

And Abi And The Bluebells was born!

I have lived in Cawston for over 15 years but I had never seen the Bluebells before. Being the wonderful woman that she is Abi offered to show them to me. 

So I packed up my 50mm and 55mm-250mm lenses and we went on an adventure.

Our Adventure led us to Cawston Woods and I have to say, I was very surprised at how beautiful and we'll hidden it was. 

Not all the Bluebells had bloomed yet, but we didn't let that stop us.

The weather was on our side and It wasn't hard to make this place look bright and beautiful.

The photoshoot was a great example of not having an excuse of "there's nothing to shoot".

Whether your inside or outside or just bored. Get your camera out, find something and if not make something.

I was very luck to have my friend help out and keep me active in what I love to do.

Written by Harriet Finch

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