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The First of Many?

Back in May I was fortunate enough to host my very own photography event and I have to say, I loved every minute of it. I couldn't have asked for a better day. The room was the Perfect size for my little set-up and tables of treats.

It was wonderful interacting with all the children and watching their confidence grow as the session went on. My main aim for these photos was to have each individual child's personality shine through and really have fun with the kids. Each and every one of them was a stars.

The day was a success, being only four session short of being sold out. One thing I loved the most was that my event took place in a community and it gave me a chance to meet many new people, both in my event and the others taking place around mine.

I am hoping to organised more mini session events in the future and I'm looking into the possibility of branching into multiple communities. I'm going to have to evaluate Cost VS Price in a way that is more practical and benefits my clients. I think my next event will be Christmas themed! I'm looking forward to buying props and creating a festive feel.

I just hope that this is the first of many... Published by Beadie Productions Written by Harriet Finch Please like, Comment, Share and let me know what theme you think would be fun!

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