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Fun To Inspiration

Those of you who have seen my Facebook and Instagram, would have already seen some of the pictures for my mini Avengers Pop Figure Photo shoot. If you haven't... Well..basically, I got a bit bored and figured that I would use this time to play around with my camera for a little bit. With both me and my boyfriend of nine years being somewhat ironically camera shy, I turned the focus of my lens to our collection of MANY Pop figures and suddenly ...They Assembled. Yes, I'm a massive nerd. For such a simple concept of, Look around the room and find something to Photograph, I had so much fun and managed to create something that (in my opinion) in pretty cool. I love the fact that you can very literally find inspiration anywhere and that there is always something to Photograph. There is no Excuse.

This Photo uses a Dead pool Q-fig and red tee-shirt over my little battery powered light to create the red affect.

The best part of this mini Shoot, was that it allowed me to play around and be creative and I loved every moment of it. Support a Small Business! Share, like and comment below!

There may be some changes to the blog coming soon so keep a look out for the next couple of blog Posts. Written by Harriet Finch

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