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Christmas Edition!

The Photos are taken and the editing is done. The Beadie Photography Event has now long passed. There Were Smiling Faces and Christmas Spirit all around.

At 8 am I arrived and got to work. Dragging in Equipment piece by piece from the van to The Bare room that was awaiting transformation. Within Twenty Minutes the Backdrop was in place and the lights were up and the butterflies started. Christmas. I sighed I had Pre-decorated My modest Christmas tree with all the Appropriated Decorations. ( Lights, Glitter, Tinsel... Starwars Baubles) and placed it on the table in the Corner. There was only one thing left to do. Music. The First Christmas Song of my year played proudly on the 9th of November. I was Ready. Before an Event or Session nerves always set in. Often i'm meeting new people or i'm going to a massive event where you only get one opportunity to capture what you need. But today. Today was about Christmas and I am a massive Nerdy, Child who would happily celebrate everyday day of the year. I wasn't long before the first Group Arrived. And as has become Tradition, this group consisted of a tribe of familiar faces. Five beautiful children dressed up and ready to pose and two newlyweds.

When ever I tell people i'm photography children, the reaction is often the same. Oh God.

But photographing little gremlins is a true pleasure. These small unpredictable creature are filled with an imagination that, just brings buckets of joy. I have found that as long as you are patient; show enthusiasm and get them involved. My favourite part of a session involving children, has to be when I ask them for there own poses and that they can do anything they like. Not only does it produce brilliant photos, it enabled the child to feel more comfortable and involved. this is also the part that makes other children they want to have their photo taken.

As some of you may remember I conducted a Competition on Facebook for a Free Session at this event. So many people got involved, Sharing, Liking and Tagging friends. It was incredibly heart warming to see and as an added bonus I was able to bring some joy to a wonderful family.

I have to say, I love hosting Beadie Photography Events. Not only are they great for my Little Business but they also help me connect with the community and meet some wonderful people. This Event took place at The Cawston Community Center, at the heart of Cawston Grange, in Rugby. The Center is always filled with events, classes and a strong sense of community. I hope to return soon with many more events. Thank you for reading, Please like, share, comment!

This Post was Written by Harriet Finch

Special Mention: Thank you Chantelle for being My Number One Fan

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