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A Slice Of Normality

These are strange times we face and we are a generation of people who are not used to feeling stuck inside or having so much time on our hands. The biggest issue people seem to be having (in my opinion) is that they have too many options, they are overwhelmed with choices of what they can do, to the point that they find themselves doing nothing or the same thing they have been doing for the past week and proclaiming Boredom. Now I am not going to give you suggestions on surviving Isolation, I've already done that. You can read my last blog post by following the link below.

What I want to do is to keep focusing on what I am grateful for and staying Positive. I invite you to do the same.

Created in Canva

I have become insanely aware that for now I am one of the fortunate few. I'm a freelancer with a job in Live television and for the moment, the show must go on. Now I know it's a scary world and it is safer to stay home but my managers and bosses have made it so that the studio and gallery are as risk free as humanly possible, and as a bonus most jobs can be done from home. All this results in me still having a half decent income and a slice of normality in a chaotic world. As Many of you are aware I have stopped taking bookings for the spring months and until its a calmer time. For a Videographer and photographer spring and summer are the busiest time of year, meaning my small business is taking a big hit.

However, it is not the end of the world. I have more time than ever to focus on writing The Beadie Blog and experimenting with videography and photography, along with catching up on creative writing, Drawing, binge watching my favorite and new shows, I actually have time to read again! The world doesn't feel so scary, when you can keep yourself busy. And it's not just about keeping myself busy. A lot of people are dreading all the time on their hands and having to keep themselves and possibly children occupied, but this isn't something to dread. It's a opportunity to grow; learn know things; get to know each other and ourselves better. We live in a time where even being inside the possibilities are endless. Take advantage of it and try not to get overwhelmed. Yes, not being able to create beautiful wedding videos and stunning portraits and family photos isn't ideal, but I can focus on other parts of my business and by working on Beadie Productions, I am giving myself a chance to grow and have another slice of normality to add to the plate. Who knows, I might enjoy myself along the way. Do you see what i'm getting at? Making a point to see the silver-lining, helps you realise that the sky isn't as gray as it seems. The more you look, the more you will find. A great exercise for this is to look at the person/people you are isolated or communicated with. For me it's my boyfriend Liam. Yes, he drives me to insanity, but he is also my best friend and there is no one else i'd rather talk too, laugh with, moan at and lets face it annoy. I'm grateful that we have each other to drive insane while keeping each other sane. To help you focus on the positive and gratitude I am going to give Instagram story challenges ago, I will likely even make some of my own. So make sure you Follow me @beadieproductions on Instagram. Thank you Guys for reading! Now if you liked this Don't forget to Subscribe, like and share. There will be a new blog posted every Sunday at 12PM UK Time. - Due to the Global situation I'm undecided on what I should talk about in my blog, so if you have any questions or topics you would like me to write about put it in the comments below.

This Post was Written by Harriet Finch


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