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All The Lovers

Growing up I was never really interested in the whole Valentines thing (or at least tried not to be). Securely sitting in the corner with the statement "It just an excuse to waste money". I was a strange but mature child... but never the less relativly happy to ignore the whole "Holiday". Then it happened. Not only did I fell in love but I fell in love with a romantic. After weeks of pleading that I don't want a penny spent on me or do anything in the name of valentines day. I was greeted with a teddy bear and Marley and Me. it was a done deal. We've now been together almost ten years, which have been filled with many sweet moments like this and not just for valentines day. It has really made me treasure all the little moments, and reminds me of the bigger picture. I want to give you a special moment to look back on, To remind you of the bigger picture. Thats why I have set up a Valentines offer for all the lovers out there, where you get the excuse to set some time aside for the two of you to spend together and capture the moment. What could be a better Valentines gift?

A session Like this usually costs £130, That means you would be getting a great saving of £50. it's an hour and a half that is completly focused on you and you recieve 5 Digital Images with the option of purchesing more.


What to expect? -First you are given the choice, you can have a "Studio style" where I bring in a Backdrop and you have a solid background. You Can have a Life style session, Where I come to your home and get creative in your own enviroment. The final option is on Location, Similer to life style in that you use the enviroment that you choose its just not at your home. -Questions! Don't worry it's not a test. I just want to get to know the two of you as a couple, How you met, Your Favourite memories. This session is after all about the two of you. Talking also helps you get used to both me and the camera. -Direction. There are few things as uncomfortable as not knowing what to do or how to pose. I will always try my best to give you clear and simple directions but if you are ever unsure, there is no harm in asking and if you have any ideas speak up! these are you photos after all.

This is a fanastic gift for valentines day and you get photos that last a life time, not just one day of the year. If you have been paying attention to details of the posters, you would have noticed that in the bottom left hand corner there is some very important information. No I'm not talking about the date the offer ends, but that this offer is also extended to engagement photography. Now any of you who are now planning a wedding will know this is not a cheap service, so snap it up while you can.



Those of you who follow me on social media, will already know that this offer is Live already and will be until the 1st of March. To book simply send me a message on social media or an Email : Payment can be made via invoice or Bank Transfer. Extra images can be purchesed in your Gallery. This means you will be able to pick and chose which ones you want and like best. Check out Instagram for Avalible date in Febuary and take note that as long as it's booked and paid in Febuary, it can be take place for whenever is best for you. Maybe you have an Anniversary coming up or are planning a Proposal, this is a great offer to snap up. Thank you Guys for reading! Now if you liked this Don't forget to Subcribe, like and share. There will be a new blog posted every sunday at 12PM UK Time.

This Post was Written by Harriet Finch


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