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Chantelle's Bridal Preparations

On The 25th of August 2019, I had the honor of being my oldest sister's bridesmaid, and I have to say she made for a stunning Bride and I've never seen someone so calm on their wedding day. Chantelle had also asked a favor of me: To Photograph her Bridal Preparations.


Yes, I know what your thinking. Am I Insane?.... Occasionally would be the honest answer. Not only was I to getting ready and help keep things organised as a Bridesmaid, but I also had to photography the morning events. So, we put a plan in place. I was to be ready first and then while maneuvering around the children, the flowers,Our Mother and everything else that was going on, I'd capture the moments.

Even in all the chaos and the close space, there was a fully composed, calm and beautiful bride. In the end it was me who stole her away to have a moment of stillness.

When we were finally alone, I took the chance to check in with my sister and still I found myself in awe of the confidence and serenity pouring from her.

I am incredibly proud to have been part of this wedding and fortunate to witness the love and dedication that binds Chantelle and Kheylan together. I wish them the greatest happiness. Thank you for reading, Please like, share, comment!

This Post was Written by Harriet Finch


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