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Cheat Days Are The Worst


Cheat days are the worst. 

Why? They end.

Like most creatures on this plant I love food but I lack a certain amount of restraint and discipline. If it's in front of me there is a very good chance i'll eat it. if it's in the same building as me there is a very good chance i'll eat it. So naturally you'd think this was my favourite day of the week and it's great and fun until later in the day when you feel ill and guilty while still trying to workout how many Jaffa Cakes you can stuff in your mouth. I don't eat because i'm hungry, I eat because i'm bored and for the sake of it.

Home baked cakes for a bake sale

After a cheat day I find myself feel far worse than the day before. I'm bloated, I don't want to eat anything, while at the same time all I want is crappy food because I feel ill.  

A possible solutions for this is finding the balance between being health and having a treat. I find I dont feel so bad having sweets and chocolate if the actual meals I eat are healthy. 

I just need to learn how to stop eatting and sweets and chocolate when I need too...


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