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Dembi & Meleia

In August I was given the wonderful opportunity to photograph two beautiful little girls. The First of my non-event mini sessions.

when shooting with children and babies you always have to be ready for the likely hood of tears and tantrums, but with the right preparation and attitude you should still end up with some beautiful Photos.

For this session I decided to keep thing simple and calm. I am a big believer in not trying to force a pose too much especially with young ones. if you spend most of your time faffing about trying to keep everything exactly how you in-visioned then not only are you not going to have taken photos but your also going to have a flustered and crying little one on your hands.

​Ideally when you are taking newborn portraits, you try and encourage the little one to sleep but as you can see Meleia was determined to show us her Beautiful eyes.

It's not difficult to snap I nice photo when your subjects are this sweet. Switching between 50mm and 55mm lens I was able to capture intimate candid shots of the sisters. many of the best photos were the lease posed.

Booking a session couldn't be easier. Simply send me an email :

This Post was Written by Harriet Finch, Beadie Productions.


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