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Mr & Mrs Woodley

1st July 2021 Coombe Abbey

I am overjoyed to kick off my wedding season with the marriage of Dove and Adam Woodley. July 2021 does mean they had a "Lockdown" Wedding, But there are so many special things about an intimate wedding that get overlooked. As a smaller wedding the atmosphere is often a lot more relaxed; as Bride and Groom you have the chance to speak to all your guests, not forgetting each other. As an extra bonus in these crazy times you know your staying safe. These are just a few things that come to mind with a smaller wedding and that didn't include the price. While being a restricted wedding all the staff and MC at Coomby Abbey insured everyone was comfortable, had anything they needed while keeping it all very safe. The Wedding it's self Turned out to be Beautiful and Romantic.

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It's true what they say. We do, do a little dance every time someone supports us And more often not it is then followed but a quick cheer around the house to make sure everyone else knows. Now if you liked this Don't forget to Subscribe, like and share. - So if you have any questions or topics you would like me to write about put it in the comments below.

This Post was Written By Harriet Finch


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