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Self Portraits

Deciding to do a self portrait session was no easy thing. Over the past year I have argued with myself, knowing full well that I need to get my own photos done.

I am not someone who really enjoys being the centre of attention, and I'm most confident when I'm BEHIND the camera. So it begged the question: Who can I ask to take my picture? There were a number of people I've known over the years, who have move then enough skills and experience to take my photos, maybe even do a better job. But I just kept avoiding it. Always having something else to do, any whatever other excuse I could come up with. One day I had, had enough. I had been scrolling through the brilliant Build and Bloom Facebook group, I saw all these stunning and creative self Portraits, they were incredible. And all I could think about was how I want to do this, I don't care if I feel awkward or shy, I'm doing this today!

No more being shy and holding myself back. I want my potential clients and anyone who is a fan of my work to know who I am.

So I gave myself no excuses. I had my equipment put in my room for when I got home (8pm) and I set up the backdrop and a soft light. I locked the door and got ready.

I honestly had no idea of what I was going to do, so I figured I would keep things simple for now.

The most challenging part was focusing my camera. Luckily I had downloaded the Canon connect App. For anyone who doesn't know what this it. it is an App that turns your smart device into a remote. This was great for self portraits because it meant the I could see if I was in focus without having to run back and forth too much. Focusing my camera was easily the hardest part as I had limited space and had to move a lot. In the end i just had to make sure I was in the same spot and I could always check my focus in my phone.

Call me self-conscious but I was really surprised by how little editing I needed to do. Not only does this prove that you can shoot anywhere but also that if a photographer has the right skills, then they are right for you. I'm definitely going to try and do some more creative shots later and have more fun playing around. Thank you for reading, Please like, share, comment and show me your hearts! This Post was Written by Harriet Finch


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