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The National Wedding Show

My bottom aches, my back hurts, my feet are ready to fall off; I can't feel my arms and i'm very aware of my shoulders. That can only mean one thing. I've been to The wedding show.

All over the UK The National Wedding Show host these massive and incredible events, giving trades a chance to strut there stuff in front of potentaily thousands of clients. No I wasn't one of the venders, I simply went with one goal in mind. you see I had never been before and I simply wanted to understand before I even attempt setting up a stall. And oh boy, it can be overwhelming. But I 100% recommend going even if you haven't started planning yet. They have everything you could could think of and all the things you haven't. Making it Perfect to give you the wedding inspiration you need. Here are a few rules to apply if your thinking about visiting a wedding fair or show

Rule Number One - wear flat, comfy shoes. once your in your in. This is not an event for heels and you will regret wearing them within ten minutes. I think we spent three hours on our feet and there aren't too many opportunities to sit down unless your in a stall. It is also incredibly busy so the chances are you will be trying to squeeze in between people and you don't want to be standing on anyones feet in heels.

Rule Number Two - Take some water with you. There are a number of bar stands set up, but it is very busy and very warm in the wedding show. it is vital that you stay hydrated. Rule Number Three - Don't worry too much about doing your hair and make-up for the event. One of the best elements of these shows is the fact that everyone wants to demonstrate their product and skills on you. This includes hair, Make-up and even suits and dresses. I walked in with frizzy messy hair and walked out with a head of curls. Rule Number Four- Don't take Your Own Bag. When I Say I can't feel my arms and I'm very aware of my shoulders this is what i'm referring too. I ended up carrying my coat in my bag, because it was so warm and carrying about five more bags of samples and flyers.

I hope these help you make your trip easier and if your looking to book your ticket check out The national Wedding Show website

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This Post was Written by Harriet Finch


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