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The Reid Family

This December I have had The Pleasure of doing a Home Photography Session With the Reid family. After a couple of month of rescheduling and planning we finally managed to set a date and ensure Covid-19 Safety rules. Upon Arrived with my freshly cleaned equipment and backdrop, I entered Via the Garden Patio doors into a beautifully festive and spacious Kitchen. There was plenty of room for both the backdrop, the Family and myself.

Working with children you never truly know what your going to get or how they will behave during a session. Some spend there morning practicing, while others just want that afternoon nap.

My Favourite

So It is magical when you see not one but TWO Children having fun, enjoying the session and getting great pictures.

I honestly could not have loved working with this family more but my favorite thing about working with The Reid family is that I having been gifted with watching both the family and the children grow.

I Took photos of a sweet but very Shy Oliver Reid in a Beadie Photography Event in what now feels like many moons ago now. It is common practice for Families to hire to same photographer for family photos and a gift for the photographer to see the transformation that take place over the years and seeing a now still very sweet but confident Oliver, who was excited to have her photos taken and showing her little sister how its done was a joy.

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This Post was Written By Harriet Finch


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