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Wedding Videography...Why?

So that moment finally happend, The person you love most has just asked you a very important question and now it is time to prepare for the day that you promises to love and support eachother till death do you part. When it comes to your wedding, there is a unlimited list of things to consider and an even scarier list of people trying to give you their input. One thing alot of people seem to ask me about is the arguement of Photography vs Videography. Now if you are fortunate enough to have the budget for both I can honestly say you would never regret it. But for those who are in a one or the other situation more often or not your decision will land on Photography. You will recieve beautiful snap shots of your special moments, which you will always look back on fondly.

Now i'm here to give Videography a fighting chance and please do not take this as me saying don't choose Photography, by all means Hire a Photographer. Just Consider Videography first.

The difference between the two is that instead of snap shots of moments, you get the whole moment. The full experiance. You can sit and relive one of the biggest days of your life again and again. You can see reaction of your loved ones watching you say your vows and walking down the ailie together for the first time as a married couple, Better yet. You can Listen to yours vows and see your hands quake as you nerviously swap rings. Then there is the speeches. you can look back at and even laugh at your best mans speech. You can watch your first dance and hear the music.

In this day and age I doubt there isn't going to be a person in the room that won't be taking your picture. Would they be as good as a photographers? No, not unless they are a photographer but they wouldn't be half bad(as much as my inner photographer hates to admit).

Videography isn't cheap but you get more than your moneys worths and your memories preserved forever. It is definatly worth your consideration. Thank you for reading, Please like, share, comment!

This Post was Written by Harriet Finch


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