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When It’s Time to Hire a Professional Photographer

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Technology has come a long way, and we can now pull out our smartphones to document the special moments in our lives. And let's be honest, recent smartphones and tablets can capture some pretty good images.

So, why would you ever need to hire a professional to take photos of your events? First, if you or a loved one are busy documenting a wedding, birthday, or holiday event, it means you cannot be fully present in the moment. Second, the right professional photographer will have the equipment, skills, and experience necessary to produce the highest quality images every time.

Whether you're looking to add photos to your business website or document a significant upcoming event, Beadie Productions shares some information and advice for hiring a professional photographer!

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

We've talked a bit about the perks of hiring a professional photographer for your event or business needs, but let's dive deeper into the details:

The Best Equipment

It's great to have a high-quality smartphone that you can pull out at any moment and take tons of photos. Many times, this is the most convenient way to capture a moment. And there's no denying that phone cameras are improving. However, they are a long way from competing with DSLR technology.

If you hire a photographer, they will come to your event with more than an iPhone. They will show up with a DSLR camera and various top-notch lenses. Not to mention they will have up-to-date software for editing. Combined with their expertise, this equipment is guaranteed to produce next-level photos.

Better Image Quality

Higher quality images are a natural result of using the best equipment. Actually, entry-level DSLR cameras offer a minimum of 24 MP resolution. The most recent smartphones provide 72 dpi for images, but you also have to deal with many settings limitations.

Professional photographers know how to operate their equipment and adjust their camera settings to the environment and occasion to capture a nearly perfect shot. Plus, professional equipment is designed for maximum quality at correct aspect ratios. While photos may look great on your smartphone, you may encounter problems when blowing them up for prints. Even the latest smartphones can’t compete with high-grade, professional cameras that can take clear, well-framed photos that will stand the test of time.


Along with technical skills, the best photographers possess the necessary creativity and talent to make their images stand out from others. Using a trained eye, your photographer will be able to distinguish the best angles for each photo that the average person may not consider.

If you want to capture your wedding, graduation, or product in the best light and perspective possible, hiring a professional is a must. People will be able to tell that the images are superior.

The Editing Process

Finally, editing photographs is half the battle. Your photographer not only will come out to your event to work with people and take photos, but they will also edit the images when they get back to their studio or home.

Editing is its beast in photography, and the best photographers excel at this stage of the process. It's critical to hire a photographer with an editing style that matches your needs and preferences.

Which Events Are Worth Hiring Out?

So, maybe you are convinced to hire a professional for your next big occasion. Here are some situations where an experienced photographer can make all the difference:

Product Photos

If you are a business owner, it's essential to take high-quality photos of your products or services. Consumers can tell whether an image is captured on a smartphone or a DSLR camera, even if subconsciously.

You need the best photos possible for your website, digital marketing materials, and print ads. When you meet with your photographer, discuss specific design features that can showcase the primary selling points of your product or service.

Professional Headshots

If you rely on your personal brand for your business, you need professional headshots for your website and other branding materials. Maybe you are an actor, a real estate broker, a consultant, or another professional. It's essential to work with a photographer who understands the appropriate equipment, lighting, and backdrops for your career.

Real Estate

If you’re planning to sell your home, having a professional photographer in your corner is very important. Top-quality photos of your home can help when it’s time to list your property. What’s more, having the photographer take before and after photos of any renovations you’re making to your home will go a long way toward adding overall value to your house.

Weddings and Engagements

Few events call for professional photography as strongly as weddings and engagements. You want your family and friends (and yourself) to fully embrace the occasion as you take one of the biggest steps in your life. With a photographer in the crowd, you can rest assured that you won't miss a single moment, and you'll have top-notch images to document the whole thing. If you are holding a wedding or engagement party, reach out to Beadie Productions!

Family Portraits

A lot goes into quality family portraits. A good photographer will be able to capture engaging images of your family while considering your culture and traditions. They will also know how to direct each individual on how to stand or pose, and their expertise will result in beautiful photos that show the love and joy of the moment. In other words, getting professional family portraits can keep your story alive for a lifetime!

Holiday Occasions

If your family likes to send out festive cards during the holidays to communicate what you've been doing in the previous year, you need high-quality photos for maximum impact. A professional photographer can get the job done and even roll with any theme you have in mind. All you have to do is dress up, and your photographer will handle the rest!

Milestone Birthdays

Every birthday is important, but we all know that some are more significant than others. That is especially the case if you have kids because they grow at such a rapid pace. One day you're holding your newborn, and the next, they are graduating from high school, then college, then launching a career.

If you want to document your child's development effectively, consider hiring a professional photographer to capture their birthdays. Then, you will always have world-class images to enjoy and reflect on the special moments.

If your family wants to get the most from your special occasions and have the highest quality photos for many years to come, or if you're an homeowner looking to put your property on the market, hiring a professional photographer should be a priority. Consider the benefits mentioned above, and find a reputable photographer in your area who can exceed your expectations. You'll quickly realize it's well worth the investment!

Are you looking for a professional photographer to capture your upcoming wedding or event? Visit today!


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