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Why I Turned Down The best Job Offer I've Had


Your offered a photography job.

Five days a week.

Company car

All expensive paid

Full kit.

Starting salary 14,400

They even gave you petrol money to go to the interview... both of them. You turn it down.


Why I Applied When I applied for this job I was looking for something that would help me progress in my career and skills and maybe even something to go towards saving for a house deposit. I was also hoping to find something that would fit in nicely with my freelancing at Psychic Today. Why I Wanted This Job

When I arrived at this interview I honestly had no Idea what to expect. It is in the nature of this industry that you take risks and I drove One hour from rugby to take this one. Because of my lack of direction and anxiety of being late I arrived half an hour early. I was instantly greeted with a "Hi! you must be Harriet, Please take a seat. They shouldn't be too long". I was feeling very confident and had an unusual lack of nerves, I think this had a lot to do with the fact that I had already spoken to one of my interviewers on the phone and they were very pleasant and down to earth. The interview its self was the most enjoyable interviews I have ever taken part in. That's right, I ENJOYED it. From the moment I was introduced to my two interviewers to the moment I left with a smile and petrol money for my drive. Lets just say they left an impression on me. Never before have I ever encountered a company that truly looks after their staff, I only had an interview and I felt like I was safe and secure.


I didn't get the job. Not long after this interview I received an email stating I was unsuccessful due to high demand and limited positions.

Two weeks later I got an email. it was inviting me to a second interview. They decided to offer and extra position and because they were impressed by my first interview they wanted to see how I'd fair in a second. The two weeks changed everything. I had truly fallen in love with being apart of the production team at Psychic Today and I made been keeping myself busy with Beadie Production. Overall, I had moved on.

I had already handed in my availability for the next month at Psychic and I have been taking booking and putting get effort into my marketing. More importantly It is the happiest I have been for a long time.

When I got the invitation. I was filled with both excitement, releaf and dredd.

They clearly already liked me and once the second interview was done I was feeling very confident.

I wanted this job I could do this job and do it incredibly well. I could put a deposit down on a house with this job; I'd have a fully covered company car with this job; I'd have a full photography kit; full training; expensive paid and a stable income.

By the time I sat down at home I was ready.


"To make it even worse everyone who I tried to talk to refused to give an opinion. Stating that I have their full support and I need to do what will make me happy..."

But Then I opened up my Mac and saw all the work I had put into Beadie Productions and I had messages from Psychic Today and I Had the realisation that I couldn't reasonably do everything and if I tried I would lose not only sanity but any relationships I had outside of work. I'm not the most social person at the best of times. I spend most of my free time working on Beadie Productions and reading books at my boyfriends. Working a fulltime intense job; Producing at Psychic Today and trying to build a business up would require super powers I do not possess. I was going to chose. To make it even worse everyone who I tried to talk to refused to give an opinion. Stating that I have their full support and I need to do what will make me happy... As much as it warmed my heart It was not what I wanted to hear. I wanted them to tell me which to do or that I was an idiot.

By the weekend I got the phone call and was offered the job and they wanted me to start Monday. I was to email them my acceptance of the offer. During the conversation I was told again of what would come next and it all sounded wonderful. But when I put the phone down I felt horrible. I really was going to have to chose. The more I went over it the worse I felt. But I realised that I couldn't give up Psychic Today and I couldn't keep distracting myself from Beadie Productions. I also didn't want to be stuck taking the same old photo everyday for however long. If I was to accept a creative job I would give it my all. If it had been freelance it would have been perfect but It wasn't. I just couldn't devote that much time and sacrifice so much for a job I didn't want to do everyday. I need the freedom to be creative and as much as It would be a great job NOW, future Harriet would suffer for it. So I made my choice.


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