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Working From Home

Whether you have a big business, Small Business, are Freelancing OR have Children. The odds are that you have been working from home in one way or another.I thought it might be quite nice if I walked you through how I work from home.

As I've mentioned before Along with Videography, Photography and running Beadie Productions; I'm also a Freelance TV Producer. So for me working comes in Four Parts. 3/4 of those parts involve working from home, The remaining One Is where I go into the Studio and Produce.

Before I burrow down in to work, I have to set yourself up and get into the right mindset. I get up, shower and get dressed before I make sure my area is ready and set a plan out for the day.

Why do I do this? Well... I know what i'm like. If i'm not in the right mindset and ready to work, not a whole lot is going to get done and the next thing I know, i've been playing on my phone and made no progress for the past three hours. Which leads me to feeling guilty and stressed. So When I'm working, I like to work. I don't have the biggest work space, But its' more than suitable to make do. I can either set myself up at the desk or in the giant chair in the corner on the room. it doesn't matter as long as i'm sitting up. This again is all about the working mindset.

I have a guilty pleasure of writing a To Do List and I will make one at any opportunity. I actually get excited about it. Productivity is something I am always looking for and lists help me keep track and clear my head so that I can tackle one thing at a time, not get overwhelmed and feel the satisfaction of ticking tasks off my list.

Being Realistic about what you want to achieve, is crucial. This isn't an excuse to only do quick and easy things. Prioritise and mix it up to keep you motivated. Yes, doing all the quick and easy things in one go and getting them out the way is incredibly Productive, but it then leaves you with a list of really meaty and mentally demanding tasks. This will more than likely leave you feeling unmotivated and with a dense knot of dread in your stomach. Where as if you break up the big tasks with Smaller ones, its less overwhelming, aids focus and keeps you motivated.

Pick a Number. I either Set work hours or a number of tasks to complete. This I have to admit I'm not the best at and it has nothing to do with laziness. I have a tendency of going over time and coming up with more Ideas mid Task. A Tip for this is to simply write it down and finish the tasks I have first, then see how I feel. 4:30-5:30 PM is usually when I aim to be done by. Mainly because once I've had dinner I'm ready for a nap or more desert and any thoughts of working are gone for the day. However if I'm Editing, there is not stopping me. Once you enter Editing Mode, it is very difficult to leave...

I am Incredibly fortunate in how much I enjoy my work and that in itself helps keep me motivated but it is by no means easy. Freelancing - At Home Show Prep Whenever I am Producing a show, I always come up with a show plan Before hand. This often means doing some research in to current affairs, Checking out and talking to the line up of my show and around making sure everything is ready and because it's Live Television coming up with a back up plan, just in case.This usually takes place the day before so that I have the most updated information. Freelance - At Home Shift At the Moment instead of going into the studio Assistant Producer Shifts are taking place at home, these shifts have been adapted to work like this and are slightly different than being in the studio. It now very social media based, running Live streams, organizing posts and people throughout and along show the main Live show.

Beadie Productions - At Home Business

Now The most challenging part of this lockdown is running my business, I am not able to booking Photography sessions or film any weddings, which lets face it is the business. So i'm Focusing more on the Admin side, working on The Beadie Blog and trying to get creative. Beadie Productions is my main working from home focus and the most demanding. I couldn't do this without being organised and setting my self work hours. I suppose the hardest part of this element of working from home, is that I am doing it all off my own back. I am the Boss and I am In charge. There is no one to report to or set me tasks. There is also No one helping me. The Only feedback I get comes from reviews from clients which I don't currently have, Vouchers Brought and these are hard times for everyone. It's mostly the people reading The Beadie Blog that are keeping me motivated. Thank you for that. That was my walk through of how I work from home and what I've been doing. I hope you enjoyed it.

Now if you liked this Don't forget to Subscribe, like and share. There will be a new blog posted every Sunday at 12PM UK Time. - Next week I will be talking about how I work from home, so if you have any questions or topics you would like me to write about put it in the comments below.

This Post was Written By Harriet Finch


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