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Your Resolution, Your Goal, Your Dream

If the Giant Poster doesn't give you at least a small hint at what I'm writing about today, I defiantly will need to rethink my Design skills...

Thats right guys. New years resolutions!! Now I have to be honest, I am AWFUL at the whole sticking to a resolution. I'm the kind of person thats always going to be healthy TOMORROW (Or once I've finished this double pack of Jaffa cakes...). It's not always easy to set and stick to a goal, but it does help when you know you are not alone and have some motivation. I'm also a big believer that if you Achieve something, you deserve to celebrate and be rewarded. So here I am, doing my bit to motivate and reward. This is how it works: Resolution Sessions are available to book from now until February. Don't worry I understand that January is a busy month for everyone, So the session doesn't have to take place in January. (If this proves Popular, This offer may Return. After all, you don't need a new year to set a goal). The initial Session Cost £80 and will last one hour. You will be given the Opportunity to chose which photos you would like to be edited and you will be asked to fill out a "Resolution" Card. The Card will then be sealed and kept for a year or until your deadline, when it will be sent back to you, as a reminder. Once the Photos are ready you will be given access to a Gallery of your Digital Images and will be sent a code for FOUR free downloads. Additional Images can be purchased in the gallery. If You achieve your goal, it is then up to you to let me know and don't worry if you Achieve it before your deadline WELL DONE! Just let me know and we can book you in for a Free Photo shoot. The second/ After session is completely free and will last for an one hour. Just like the first session you will get to pick out your favourite and once they are ready you will receive a code for FOUR free downloads.

What is the aim of the free session? CONFIDENCE and PRIDE. Far too often we focus on appearance over self worth and belief, when in fact it is these that show through.

Your Resolution

Your Resolution is yours to set, This offer is not limited too fitness and weight loss. It's all about your confidence and self esteem. My Resolution is to grow Beadie Productions and yes you just might find me taking part.

The Sessions are also not limited to standard Portraits but do exclude group photography, Please Email me if you have any question or wish to book! Thank you for reading and don't forget to share!


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