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  • How Do I Book You For My Wedding?
    Step One is as easy as sending an Email. Include in your Email: -Make sure you tell me if you want Videography or Photography. -The Date of your Wedding -Location -What you want Covered If I am Availible I will ask you to fill out a more detailed Client Form and ask to arrange a meeting. After this meeting and if you still wish to book me, I will draw up a Contract using the form you filled out and request a 40% Non-Refundable Deposit to secure your Big Day. The Remaining Balence is to be paided 4 weeks before your Wedding.
  • Why Is The Wedding Deposit Non-Refundable?
    So much Time and Effort is Reserved to not only save your Big Day, but into ensuring there is enough time to edit and produce you a high quality professional product. This is all done before your wedding. In the Unfortunat event that you have to cancel the wedding for what ever reason, Your deposit cost some of my costs. For Example: Loss of business due to booked time, any new equipmement that may have been arranaged for your wedding and in the case of Photography, the cost of your Engagement shoot.
  • Do You Do Engagment Photography?
    yes! You can book a stand alone Enagagement Shoot. BUT If you have booked me as your wedding Photographer a FREE Engagment Shoot is included, if you want it.
  • Do You Have To Provide a Meal?
    More often then not this will depend on how many hours you are hiring me for. If you need me for five hours or me, then yes. You will very likely need to feed me. If you are unsure or want confirmation, Ask me.
  • Do We Recieve ALL The Photos Taken?
    No. Hundards and hundards of photos are taken but only a selected amount will be retouched. Usually the amount is decided on before hand. This is because you only get the best quality photos. You will only ever recieve The retouched images, Never Raws.
  • Can I have the Raw Photos/Footage?
    No. All the rights belong to Beadie Productions. I put alot of work into your wedding and the majority of this is done Post Big Day. The Photos and Videos you Recieve From me represent Beadie Productions, as such you will only recieve the best.
  • Can I Edit My Photos?
    It will state in your contract that you are to refrain from editing any photos you recieve from Beadie Productions. Why? Hours, weeks and sleepless nights go into the work I do. It would be a dishonor to me and my work if you chose to re-edit my work. It would also have been a waste of your money. If you wish for something to be changed, tell me and I will always try my best to currect it. Side Note: By all means Crop away, if need be. But for the love of all things good in the world please DON'T put a Filter on it
  • Do You Need A Deposit?
    Yes, 40% to be exact. This is used to Secure your Booking.
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