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Sugar Crazy

It's been four days since I last ate sweet and chocolate.

Life has been dulled by this experience, things just dont seem to be a bright as they uses to be...*emotionally look away

Switching from a mountain of chocolate to nothing has not been smooth sailing, but I will say I'm proud ive not given in.

I have definitely been feeling the craving though. But the main thing im struggling with is finding food that still satisfies my tastebuds especially because im fussy with food.

Today instead of chocolate chip pancakes, I made the healthier option of banana pancakes with raspberries and strawberries. It was everything I wanted. Both sweet and healthy.

2 bananas


1/2cup of oats

All blended together and cooked like normal pancakes. It honestly doesn't take long and it was exactly want I needed to fill my craving. give them a try and have the peace of mind that even though they are delicious and sweet they are still healthy for you.

Please feel to share any tips or healthy recipes in the comment section and let me know what you think of me making a healthy food recipe video.

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