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How to find the perfect wedding planner that matches your vibe

the held hands of a newly married couple showing off their newly placed rings, with the text How to find the perfect wedding planner that matches your vibe.
How to find the perfect wedding planner that matches your vibe _ Photographed by Beadie Productions

If you have decided that working with a wedding planner is right for you, that's great! But I understand that next is the daunting task of finding the perfect wedding planner. So I'm here to help you navigate researching and connecting with a wedding planner that's right for you. Read below my top tips and expert advice for finding a wedding planner that you can connect with. 

A photo of Jennifer Stani Smiling to the camera
Guest feature _Jennifer Stani _ JS Events

The main reason to hire a wedding planner is because you can trust them to bring your wedding vision to life in a way you might not have been able to. Your wedding planner should also be your go-to person and someone who truly gets you – your style, vision and personalities as a couple. 

Vibe with their style

Each planner has a certain aesthetic and types of weddings they usually plan. Make sure to check out their website and social media to see what styles of weddings they usually plan. If you want a colourful, bold and non-traditional wedding then check their portfolio to see if these are the types of weddings they specialise in. 

a newly married couple kissing after walking through the confetti throw
colourful, bold and just married confetti kiss_Beadie Productions

Here at JS Events, we focus on curating and planning relaxed, rustic and elegant weddings that are in beautiful country houses, rustic barns or in marquees in the countryside. 

Meeting your wedding planner for the first time 

Once you've reached out to a few potential planners, you'll next be invited to have a chat with them - usually over a video call. This is your opportunity to see if you vibe with this planner so keep in mind how you feel when you are chatting with them.  Do they seem really organised, creative or super bubbly and chatty? There is no right or wrong way to be a wedding planner, and you may prefer one approach and personality over another. 

Elegant Olive themed Greek bridal party _  Beadie productions
Elegant Olive themed Greek bridal party _ Beadie productions

Top Tip: Trust your gut – a true connection makes all the difference! 

Make sure your priorities align

Be sure you choose a wedding planner who has the same priorities as you when it comes to your special day. Some wedding planners are more design-led and focus on the aesthetics and overall wedding vibe whilst other planners may specialise more on the admin and logistic side of planning. 

Planning styles can vary from a more direct and focused approach with clearly scheduled meetings and communication style whilst other wedding planners like ourselves, prefer a more friendly and flexible style of planning with creativity and personalisation at the centre of what we do. 

Personalized Wedding Table Plan _ Beadie productions
Personalized Wedding Table Plan _ Beadie productions

Services and planning packages

Every wedding planner has their own packages and pricing that includes a variety of services and levels of support. Be sure to check their website or send an email to see if a wedding planner's fees fall within your budget before moving forward with a wedding consultation together. 

Then it’s time to decide how much support and time you want to have with your wedding planner and ensure whoever you choose offers this service. 

We have 3 wedding planning packages that offer a variety of guidance and organisation to suit every budget, from On The Day Coordination, 6-weeks of Wedding Planning, Signature Wedding Planning and our Luxury Wedding Planning package. 

Personalized Wedding Table Plan _ Beadie productions
Guesting Arriving at the church _ Beadie Productions

Communication Style

While planning your wedding is exciting and fun, the planning stages can sometimes come with their fair share of unforeseen hiccups and emergencies. So you want to ensure your wedding planner stays calm under pressure and always has a backup plan! You might want to ask potential wedding planners during your consultation how they communicate calmly and effectively with you and other suppliers in these types of situations. 

Mr & Mrs Cake topper in rose gold
Mr & Mrs Cake topper in rose gold _ Beadie productions

We ensure the couples we work with are always kept up to date with everything that's happening with the progress of their wedding in a friendly but informative manner. Our communication style is relaxed so you know you can ask us anything! 

How to know when you've found 'The One'?

It might be instant or you might want to check out a few more of their recent weddings or check out some testimonials from previous couples - and that's okay too! Working with a wedding planner is a big commitment, but when you do find the 'the one' it's worth it! You will feel relaxed and taken care of and feel on track with planning your big day.


A Few words from Harriet Finch, Beadie Productions, Wedding and Portrait Photographer -

Jennifer Stani has kindly written this blog in support of my Beadie Productions value of "Simplifying the Wedding Planning Process". Be sure to check out JS Events for all your event planning needs. Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Jennifer Stani Photographed near some daffidils
Jennifer Stani

If you work in the wedding industry and feel like you have some useful advice to share with Couples, that could ease the stress of the crazy wedding world please get in touch!


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