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What To Wear For Your Christmas photoshoot

A Couple posing for a Christmas shoot
A Couple posing for a Christmas shoot _ Wix images

Knowing what to wear to a photo shoot can be hard at the best of times, throw in multiple people and it can be chaos. So here are a few things to consider when getting ready for a Christmas shoot.


The most important thing about any shoot is that you feel comfortable, so are sure the clothes you wear allow you to move, fit and don't irritate your skin. Not only will this be unpleasant for you but it will likely show on camera too.

grandparents and grandchildren smiling to the camera in front of a christmas photography background
Family Christmas photography_ Beadie Productions


Often it's the colours that make the biggest difference in your photograph. Try to think of your outfits compliment each other tonally. It's also the perfect opportunity to pull out those matching outfits.

Think winter

This is a Christmas Photography shoot remember. The back ground is festive and you may be given a Santa to wear, a hot pink summer dress and shorts won't quite fit the vibe were going for. Woolly jumpers, layers and Christmas day attire would be great and glitter is welcome.

Little boy in a knitted elf hat and a santa top smiling to the  camera
Little elf _Christmas photography_ Beadie productions


Before you start planning your outfits be sure to talk to everyone your bring to the shoot, to ensure your all on the same page, you really don't want someone to feel like they didn't get the memo.

Beadie productions christmas editions poster
Beadie Christmas Edition

I hope these quick tips knowing what to wear for your christmas photoshoot a bit easier. Be for to read the Christmas Edition post for all the details.

An image to show that Harriet Finch, owner of Beadie Productions
Written by Harriet Finch_ Beadie Productions


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