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Beadie Photography - Christmas Edition 2019

By now the chances are that you have seen my little posters floating around Facebook and Instagram. I figured I should probably explain my self. Back in May I organised an Event for Mini Photography, That almost completely sold out. Many of you who took part, expressed your interest in future events and really enjoyed yourselves.

The First event was just for children and young siblings, This time round I've upgraded the backdrop and can now offer FAMILY portraits. And Yes this time round, it's Christmas Themed!

The First Event!

I know for a lot of people the very thought of Christmas fills you with dread. But Christmas is for family. So I want to give you a little chance to get in some family time and photograph the moment. Far to frequently I hear the words: "We don't all get together very often." Well this is your excuse to get together and do something nice. You will Receive up to 8 Photos, these will be perfect as gifts, cards or for yourself. You decide. Just like before you will receive your own private gallery on my Pixieset site, where your photos will be free to download. if you wish to have more than 8 photos edited there will be a small charge. You also will have the option of ordering prints for he Photo-lab. Once you have Downloaded the photos they are yours to do with what you would like (except edit). If do decide to create Christmas Cards with them or frame them I would love to see a picture!

The Colour Scheme I am aiming for is Red and White. This may be altered closer to the time but I will keep every one informed on The Facebook page And will hopefully have some pictures for you closer to the time.


Booking is pretty simple. 1. Go To 2. Click Book it On the Event 3. It should look like the picture below.

Here you can pick your time slot. once this is done press next.

4. This might be the most important page. Please fill in as much info as you can and if you know, how many people will be attending.

Those who attended the first event, Check your emails. I sent you a Coupon for £10 off. This is where you can use it. they wont be accepted at the event.

5. Finally all you have to do is Pay the £15 Deposit.

Please Note that the Deposit is NON-Refundable. If you need to cancel your session or do not turn up, this is to cover my costs. A lot of time and money goes into these events. Those using a coupon will take £10 off the Overall Price. The remain £30 is to be paid to Me, in cash at the your Session. Please don't forget this. I can NOT accept card at the event.

You Should then See you confirmation page. That's it, you've booked it! For those who have a large family and wish to have individual photos too, I recommend going back and trying to book another slot (next to the one you have already booked.) We only Have 30 minutes in each session and you will also need to pick which pictures you want. If there are any issue my Email is :

I look forward to having a great day with you all. Make sure you share this event with those you love

This Post was Written by Harriet Finch

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